The End of the Landlines

If there were anything in today’s tech that was more hyped than “the end of landlines”, the hyperbole would reach the next solar system. Every telecom provider has progressively increased the apocalyptic tone of their spiel to make you believe in the imminence and immanence of the switch-off.

Nothing is further from the truth. There is an obligation, enshrined in UK law, that secures the existence of your telephone line for the foreseeable future. What will change is the way the service is delivered: to know what benefits you will receive and to understand how this can help you or your business, keep reading.

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Rural Broadband in Scotland. Let’s do it. Together.

Exciting times ahead, especially for those of us with that can do attitude that’s the foundation for success. Things are happening fast:

  • the Scottish Government has just announced the birth of a Scottish Investment Bank, with a £200M seed capital available shortly;
  • Local Councils are strapped for cash by an ideological austerity imposed by the same architects of the – still ongoing – financial collapse;
  • The collective demand to be connected with each other by reliable and affordable broadband is piling enormous pressure on telecoms operators, local and national governments.

This is why we have decided to take on this challenge and be the David that defeats the Goliath. But we need your help.

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