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You might believe that in a business sector so hyper-technological like ours, every day something amazing happens. Well, I’m sorry to shatter your dreams of glory and awe, but most of my day is filled with a basic daily grind, like many other office jobs.

The truth is that I rarely have the time to be social: either write here in this blog, post a few tweets, update our status on Facebook or even just get started with Google+. Until something happens, and I feel the need to let some steam off, or to update you about some fantastic news. I’m sorry, this time is a rant but there are some words of advice attached.

First off, don’t get me wrong: I love my job! There are a consistent number of perks attached to it, a lot of very enticing R+D, some funny head-scratching and a good dusting of black magic, but sometimes is so difficult to carry out some of the most basic tasks you wish you didn’t bother leaving the bed in the morning.

In the past two weeks I’ve been battling – on and off – with a stubborn competitor that’s been putting a number of unreasonable obstacles to us taking over the services of one of their customers.

Sometimes you can expect a minimal passive resistance, but when the losing provider’s behaviour becomes aggressive and seriously dodgy, it’s clear you’ve unearthed something really bad. As usual, this is when my curiosity gets tickled, and I can’t resist the urge to investigate.

I wish I didn’t, because what I unearthed was so disheartening and scary I will have to inform our sector’s regulator.

In the past five years in this business, I’ve seen things you humans… no, sorry, I digress: I’ve seen so many examples of bad business practice I’ve lost count, and I’m proud to say I’ve personally steamrolled a few rogues.

I will not name people or businesses, but I wholeheartedly recommend you, my dear readers, to think twice – and maybe thrice – before you sign a telecom contract. And be extremely wary of “unmissable” deals and offers you must take there and then, especially if you’ve been cold called out of the blue.

Technology is now running so fast that the best deal today will be obsolete in months, or even weeks. Do not tie yourself in a long term contract (12 or more months), you will regret it soon.

And do a favour to yourself (and me!): read the small print, so you don’t get disappointed along the way, and I save some money in heartburn remedies.

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