Scottish Broadband Telecom lives by its name: we provide Scottish businesses with Broadband Internet and Telecom Services.

We have been successfully helping the general public and businesses of any type to communicate clearly and effectively since 2007.


Please don’t give your potential customers your home or personal mobile number, it’s so unprofessional!

Get a telephone number from any local area in the UK (01-02), in the new UK-wide number range (03) or a mobile number (07).

Do you need a freephone number (080), a LoCall (084), a National (087) or even a foreign country landline or mobile number? No problem!


Business is going well for your little enterprise, and you are moving into a proper office. Well done!

We will get you a working telephone line and a connection to Internet at your new place in as little as 7 days, even if there are no active telephone lines available.


You get more happy customers and your workforce expands, but you old phone system simply can’t. Time to change those rickety old phones!

Let us take you into the 3rd millennium with our innovative PhoneBox, a fully fledged VoIP switchboard (PBX and phones) with more features you will ever need, at a price you won’t believe and with a guaranteed ROI in less than 6 months.


Your geographic remit expands, and you are now branching out. Great!

We will activate a Business grade broadband connection, supply and install additional VoIP phones and give you a new phone number from the local area code where that branch is.

If you have many offices throughout Scotland, the UK, Europe or the World, we can route any inbound call to the right telephone, service or language automagically.


Your success is unstoppable and to keep going you move to new premises. Fantastic!

But your telecom provider cannot transfer your business number to your new office! How much will that cost you? Stationery, adverts, leaflets, website… And how many customers will lose touch?

Fear not, our revolutionary technology will unlock your phone numbers from your physical location. Move your telephone numbers to us, and they will follow you wherever you go – overseas or across the street.


Your employees want flexitime; you want to protect your business from the vagaries of Scottish winters’ travel disruptions. Let some (or even all!) of your employees work from home!

Our outstanding telecom equipment works with the latest VoIP technology. Remote workers will receive their business calls on their VoIP telephone at home, as if they were sitting at their desk in the office.


We can also take care of all your IT (servers, computers, printers, network – hardware and cabling), always providing you with the best advice and competitive pricing for all your hardware/software upgrades and updates, whatever brand your equipment is.

One supplier, one bill, one phone call away. No call centres, customer advisors or scripted answers: a real, knowledgeable person at the other side of the phone, ready to take ownership of your problem and see it to resolution.


We have multiple vendor certifications, all our engineers are fully qualified to assist with all your VoIP and network equipment and our webmasters can guide through the maze of domains, websites, email, SSL certificates and more.

Always up to date with the latest news from the sector, we are your best qualified source of information and guidance for your ICT needs.