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Sometimes a thousand words are better than an image.

Pictures cannot encompass the finesse of our ideas, but words can paint concepts in beautiful colours.

A day at the office



You might believe that in a business sector so hyper-technological like ours, every day something amazing happens. Well, I’m sorry to shatter your dreams of glory and awe, but most of my day is filled with a basic daily grind, like many other office jobs.

The truth is that I rarely have the time to be social: either write here in this blog, post a few tweets, update our status on Facebook or even just get started with Google+. Until something happens, and I feel the need to let some steam off, or to update you about some fantastic news. I’m sorry, this time is a rant but there are some words of advice attached.

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Another price hike from the Big Boys

Every penny counts nowadays: reap the savings with Scottish Broadband Telecom

We are sure you heard all about the gas & power companies’ recent price rises from the news, but one price increase that is going almost unnoticed comes from the telecom sector.
BT announced a 5% increase in the line rental and a price hike for call costs, and TalkTalk followed suit with a 9.5% increase in line rental.

We live in the same planet as you, and we understand this is not the right time for the cost of your utilities to rocket up. That’s why all our telephone tariffs are firmly anchored to 2010 prices, no exceptions.

Remember also that – throughout our VoIP services – many additional features that cost big bucks with other providers are included in the line rental: Caller ID, fully-featured Voicemail, Call Waiting and many more. Read more


It’s now three months that all of our VoIP systems are logging any hacking attempt, and it’s astonishing to realize that not a day has passed that one of our systems has not been targeted with one or more attempts.

You must be joking...

You must be joking…

Most of these attacks come from 5cr1p7 K1dd13z trying their pot luck from “rogue” countries (China, North Korea, Russia, etc…) where ISPs are not patrolling what happens on their network, but sometimes we’ve been targeted by largest criminal organizations (ab)using powerful services like Amazon EC2.

Our systems ban instantly (less than 1 second) the IP where the attempt comes from, making any further attempt fruitless, and the data gathered by the attackers in this small amount of time almost meaningless and totally useless.

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