Another price hike from the Big Boys

Every penny counts nowadays: reap the savings with Scottish Broadband Telecom

We are sure you heard all about the gas & power companies’ recent price rises from the news, but one price increase that is going almost unnoticed comes from the telecom sector.
BT announced a 5% increase in the line rental and a price hike for call costs, and TalkTalk followed suit with a 9.5% increase in line rental.

We live in the same planet as you, and we understand this is not the right time for the cost of your utilities to rocket up. That’s why all our telephone tariffs are firmly anchored to 2010 prices, no exceptions.

Remember also that – throughout our VoIP services – many additional features that cost big bucks with other providers are included in the line rental: Caller ID, fully-featured Voicemail, Call Waiting and many more.

Get your broadband from us

Get your broadband from us

One more thing: you might know that we provide ADSL broadband too. Well, with many of our broadband packages, the telephone line rental is included within the monthly fee!

Yes, all profiles above the Standard Broadband include the telephone line rental fee, and all calls made on that line are priced at our amazing VoIP tariffs.

Sure, you can get cheaper all-inclusive packages from the Big Boys, but you will need to tie yourself into 18 or 24 months contracts. I’ll make it clearer for you: two years, and the penalties for early exit are quite high. Also, you really get what you pay for: little or no additional phone services, very limited assistance, days to fix faults, slow and congested broadband, download limits, traffic shaping…It’s a win-win situation: you save both on line rental and call costs, and get a truly exceptional, business grade ADSL broadband from £22.50 per month.

Our minimum contract term is just three months, and then you are in a monthly rolling contract, so you can leave at any time. But we are sure you won’t, because we offer fully-featured telephone services, quick turnaround on faults, the best speed your line can get, unlimited downloads, no technical gimmicks.

Scottish Broadband Telecom is your friendly local telecommunications provider. We are here thanks to you, for you and with you all the way. Whatever your need, we have solutions ready for you.

Get in touch: call us on 01738 211211, or click here.

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